Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 1 Reading Response

I found this website to be very informational. Some of the links were out-dated and did not work right and that was a little frustrating at times. The first link that I was actually able to go to was "How to copy data files to a diskette". This site was very informational and had very precise step by step instructions. I liked how they wrote in bold the important steps to take and then elaborated a little on those steps. I would find this useful if i ever needed to save information the old fashioned way on a disk instead of a CD. 

The next site that I visited was "Spreadsheet Resources from Educational Technology Training Resources" and I found this site to be very useful. I am not very proficient with Excel and this site had several tutorials on how to use the software. There was also lesson plans for teachers when using Excel which I thought was really neat. 

After this site I went to "Creating Web Pages using Netscape, by Babson College". This site will probably be extremely useful to me in the future. I will definitely need to create my own teachers website and this had step by step instructions on how to do that. I liked how they had each step clearly labeled and then they also had ways to customize a website. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the next site I visited. I clicked on the link labeled "ITMA Studio Tutorials" and found a whole bunch of tutorials, not just ones for digital cameras. This site will be very useful because it has so many different tutorials to view. There are ones on email, web design, file transferring, and image editing, which I am really interested in. This site was and will be very helpful. 

The last site I visited was "PowerPoint tutorials by ClassZone". This site was helpful because, again, it had many other tutorials to view, not just for PowerPoint. There were ones for the internet and Microsoft Office. I feel like I am pretty good at PowerPoint but there are definitely things that I can learn about it as well so this tutorial was good for me to view.  

Week 1: What I have learned...

This week has been absolutely  wonderful and absolutely stressful. I have learned so much about my new classes and my new peers. This is my first semester at San Marcos and I am so excited to finally be at a big girl school!! :) After several years at Mira Costa I finally transfered and I am loving it here. The one significant thing I learned this week was probably that I have a lot of work cut out for me in the next 3 years. I am in the ICP program for Liberal Studies and at our meeting on Monday, I think I just about yanked half my head of hair out because I got so stressed out. I know that the way the advisors have set up our program is going to help me out tremendously in the long run, but they just gave us so many deadlines at the meeting and those deadlines on top of all of the work from my classes this semester stressed me out just a tad. So this past week I have learned that I am going to need to rethink and reorganize my entire life. I am going to need to be on top of things, be aware of deadlines, do homework assignments the day they are assigned, color-coordinate my agenda so I know when to do what, and most importantly, enjoy every second that I am in school. I am so grateful to be entering the Credential Program and I cannot wait to become a teacher. I look forward to learning many new things in this EDUC 422 class and in all of my other classes as well.