Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Web Pages

I think that using websites in the classroom setting is a great idea. It is incorporating technology into the childs' learning process and theses days, children appreciate technology more than ever. By creating a class website, a teacher is able to update parents that wouldn't normally come into the classroom to ask, on what is happening in their son or daughters class on a day to day basis. It's cool because you can link to other websites the teacher might think the parents should see or a teacher could post worksheets just in case a student was not there one day and missed an assignment. Now with access to computers and the internet children wont have any more excuses for not getting school work done if they stay home sick. I am sure I will make a class website once I become a teacher. I see nothing but positives from this. 
As for the reading, I wish that my teachers in high school and in college would have done this for me! I think by writing comments on the paper in Word itself is so much easier than hand writing comments, that I can't even read half of the time anyways! By doing this we would be saving paper and also saving time. I think it is a great idea and I really want more teachers to start doing this. I think I would have been a much better writer if I were to be able to send my paper over the internet to, anybody around the world for that matter, and they were to be able to send a response  back with comments in the paper. I would have written much better papers if I were to have had access to a resource like that. 

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