Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I found these site: Dr. Mike's Math Games
I thought this site was pretty cool because it gave a whole bunch of math games for kids. I think math is very important for children to learn. I do think that America is putting too much pressure on its kids to learn math and therefore teachers are resorting to teaching math in a boring way just to get through it. But I think if children were taught math in a fun and engaging way then they would understand it better and it wouldn't be a subject that so many children dread. By making math into a game, kids will be more apt to do problems, and they might not even realize they are doing math!

This web site was really cool because it is run by teachers. You can look up teachers lesson plans, communicate with other teachers through chat-boards or chat-rooms, and learn how to teach for different learning styles. There is all sorts of information on this site for teachers and the coolest part is that it is from other teachers! Direct from the source. 

This site is cool because all of the resources on this teachers website are all free. She created this website in order to help other teachers succeed in the classroom with their students and she felt like she had some resources for teachers to use and she was right! There are some great ideas and links on her page. 

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