Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Splicing Video into the Writing Process

This article/lesson plan was very interesting. I liked how the authors went through each step they took and told how they guided their students through the process without getting in the way of the students imaginations and ideas for their projects. I think it is important for kids to keep their ideas open and the more that a teacher refrains from voicing ideas and opinions on how to do something, the more creative children will be. The more freedom a child has to imagine, helps in brain development. I think it was neat how formal the kids had to be while filming. They donned fake mustaches and blazers to fit the part of real newscasters. By doing this, the kids were able to get excited about the project more. The more a teacher can involve different learning styles and equipment in lessons, the better for the children. I think it was also cool that they had a movie night where all of the parents came and watched their children's movies. Kids love when they can show something off to there parents and what better way to show off their creativity and also what they had learned about in school.  The writing aspect of this project is really helpful too. Its almost like tricking the students into doing a writing assignment. They are writing up things to say in the video but also it's reinforcing what they have learned in the class. It's a writing assignment but in a fun way. I think I will definitely use video production as a learning tool in my future classes.

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