Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Making

I thought the movie making process was a lot of fun. I took a Video Film class back in high school and I really enjoyed it. I found myself remembering different techniques we had learned in that class and I felt like I could have made our shots really artsy. Amanda kind of took over the reins of the filming because she had told us that she had previous experience in the filming department, working on different skate boarding promotional videos and such. I felt like our group kind of just wanted to get the filming over with and go home so I was a little disappointed in what footage that we did get. It definitely could have been better, but for the sake of our project, I think that it will be sufficient. I hope that there will be enough footage for me to edit a good clip. After filming our commercial though, it made me realize how much I like working with the camera. I really was thinking about each shot and how we could have tweaked it to make it better. I think that I am going to sign up for a film making class or maybe just start doing it on my own, pending on how well I can navigate iMovie, since that is the only video editing software that I own. I also declared my Depth of Study as Arts and Technology so I know that I will be taking some kind of film class through my depth enphasis. I am greatly looking forward to learning about iMovie and to see what it is we will be able to do on the program.

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