Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I loved this website. I thought this site was so helpful and will be helpful in the future when I sit down to figure out what to include in my teaching plans. There was all sorts of resources for math, language arts, social studies, and science enrichment. I liked the fact that each site that was recommended had a little summary added next to the link so the reader could figure out if that website would be worth it for them to visit. Also the fact that someone has done all of the digging and searching for you and all of the best websites are up on this page for a teacher to look through is amazing. I liked the search that they included on the site. That engine would be very useful if you needed to find a review for a certain subject. The search engine had a bunch of different criteria that you could choose from when searching, such as: keywords, subject, format, grade levels, and teachers name. Since there are so many options to narrow the search down to, you can get pretty specific when finding a review.  I noticed that SREB stands for "Southern Regional Education Board." I wonder if the information is specific solely to the Southern Regional Education Board or if there is another place for information specific to the Western states. The SREB looks like it belongs around the area of Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and east a ways. I wonder if there is something like this but for the west coast states and if it would be any different than this website. 

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