Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I thought editing wikis was super cool. I kind of felt smart after I posted it :) even though it wasn't anything very profound. I think because there is such a wealth of knowledge that can be found in wikis, because I had something to add to that wealth made me feel special. hehe. I can see how it would get unreliable. If anyone could put information online like that, it is not a very trustworthy source. I could have written something totally bogus and it would still be on the wiki that I posted on. I made sure to add a link to the information that I added and it was all relevant. I thought it was interesting when I went to post on Wikipedia, because I didn't have an account, they notified me that if I chose to post information without an account, then my IP address would be given out to anyone who wanted to know where that specific information I put down was. I didn't really know what an IP address was but I assumed that it gave a location to where my computer is at the time. I thought this was kind of strange. It scared me a little bit. I wouldn't really want everyone to know where I am at a certain time during the day. I kind of figured that the government could do such a thing at looking up someone's IP address, but not any random person. It seems like an invasion of privacy a little bit. So I made an account so that nobody can look me up. I am glad that joining Wikipedia was free. It made it even cooler to be on there editing things. 

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