Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 Articles on Video Production

This website is really great. It actually has lesson plans on there about how to teach kids how to use video production as a tool. This site has links to tips they have in which they further explain how to teach kids the video production process.

This website is a lesson plan on  the subject of video production for kids. I liked this site because the lesson plan is very detailed. I throughly enjoy when something is in depth and clear cut for me to understand so this lesson plan would be the one that i would choose to use. It gives a new little activity for each technique used in video production. I think that is cool because kids will need to know how to do each step separately so that they can be safe with the equipment.

I think this website is awesome. It is just like YouTube but for teachers and students. You could post videos, documents, pictures, or audio to the website and the best part about it is that a parent or teacher does not have to worry about the children stumbling onto a video or picture that is in any way graphic. I think, since the website is restrictive like that, this website would be a good resource to use in the classroom for students. If a teacher had the students make a video, this website would be a good one for them to post the video on. 

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