Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I thought the powerpoint lesson was very helpful this week. I felt, going into the class, that I was could get by pretty well on the program, but I definitely learned some new things about making a powerpoint presentation. I think that this tool will be very helpful in the teaching world because of the fact that you can grab different kinds of learner's attention on one single powerpoint presentation. You can cater to those that are mathematical or that are logical learners, or you can cater to those who are linguistic learners. There are also musical learners, spacial learners, and kinesthetic learners. For logical learners one might want to lay out the presentation in a non-cluttered logical clean-cut way so that they can wrap their heads around the concept. For the musical learners, a teacher could play music in the presentation or make up a song about the presentation after it was over so that the children can remember the information they were taught and then hopefully it will retain better through the rhythm of song. Linguistic learners preferably like to read and use letters to learn, so by writing down the information on the powerpoint presentation, the linguistic learner is able to get the information better than just listening to it. I think that teachers should use this tool at least everyday during their lectures. Powerpoint could jazz up the lectures so much and in return, the children get more out of the lesson than without it. 

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