Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reading Assignment

I thought the article on mapping was interesting. The figures were cool to see because they were actual results from the creek water and when you are able to look at results like that in something such as a causal map, it makes more sense and it becomes more relevant. Using causal mapping would be a great idea to relate cause-and-effect data. Also, because the students did all of the work, it is making them learn the material more than if the teacher went and made the map for them. by doing the work and seeing the map progress through time, it made more sense than if the students were to just look at the finished map. I also think that it was a great idea for the students to go on a field trip as well. Any time an opportunity comes to go on a field trip, especially outside to the wilderness, take it. I think students will learn better with a break once in a while and also with some fresh oxygen in their bodies. Its so important to break up the routine of everyday schooling. When school become boring and repetitive, students will not learn. When a student experiences something new and exciting, such as a field trip to the creek, the kids are more attentive and interested. Its a win win situation and I think this article was a perfect example of how to design a science experiment. It was fun and engaging and it mapped the students' minds!!

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