Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tools learned this week...

This week I learned how to use screen shots. I was never aware that this could be possible! It's so simple yet so brilliant! This could be very useful if you wanted to show someone something off of a website but couldn't copy the picture. I think it is also cool that you could crop the screen shot so that you could only use a certain portion of that screen shot. 

I didn't know that there were so many search engines available out there. I only thought there was Google, Yahoo, and Ask. It was really interesting to explore some of the other sites and see what each one had to offer. I like that there were specific search engines for children. This is very important so that they aren't exposed to something that could be offensive. That is something that I would definitely use in my classroom. 

I absolutely love Yahoo Bookmarks. They made it really easy too, because when I signed up, it allowed me to transfer all of my bookmarks on my computer directly into Yahoo bookmarks. This helped out a lot and saved me from having to bookmark each site individually! Amazing! I have been telling everyone I know about the bookmarks site because its just so useful! 

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